Album: Martine Carrière & Jean Beaudet Trio - Horizons - ER 0202

Album Cover


  1. All of You (5:11)
    Cole Porter
  2. For Yan (6:33)
    Kenny Wheeler & Norma Winstone
  3. Horizon (7:16)
    Martine Carrière
  4. Janvier (8:00)
    Martine Carrière
  5. Never Will I Marry (4:59)
    Frank Loeser
  6. Big Lou (5:37)

    Martine Carrière
  7. Pimaapisiiun (9:24)
    Jean Beaudet
  8. Martini's Blues (8:05)

    Martine Carrière
  9. We'll Be Together Again (6:34)


Vocals: Martine Carrière
Piano: Jean Beaudet
Double Bass: Adrian Vedady (tracks: 2, 3, 5-9), Ron Séguin (tracks: 1, 4)
Drums: Michel Lambert
Saxophone: Dave Turner (tracks: 2, 6, 8)
Arrangements: Jean Beaudet, Martine Carrière

Release Date: 2002


Martine Carrière has a style In the world of jazz singing, being a woman is a delicate practice. Martine Carrière apply herself to transcend this. Inhabited by the spirit of music (...) accomplice of the excellent pianist Jean beaudet and his trio, that accompanies her in this adventure ( including also the saxophonist Dave Turner and bass player Ron Séguin, wich gives you an idea of the quality of this team ) ... After having waited much too long, she has successfully achieved what she should have done a long time ago. (...) Because Martine Carrière has a style. (...) Her improvisation are chiselled with intelligence and circumspection, her sense of rythm is undeniable. If she pursues this adventure, this artist will invest certainly in her magic domain, such as Big Lou, which is, in my opinion the most inspired of her compositions. We await the next ones.

LA PRESSE - Alain Brunet (Montréal) • janvier 2003

Martine Carrière, an exciting vocalist who sings in English and in french and scats like nobody’s business ...

THE GAZETTE - Irwin Block (Montreal) February 2004

The CD « HORIZON » is broadcasted on the radio station listed below;

  • Marie-Christine Trottier, "Michel Desautel" CBC Radio • 2004
  • Pascale Navaro, René Homier-Roy, ”C’est bien Meilleur le Matin” CBC Radio • 2004
  • ”Escale Jazz”, Espace Musique CBC Radio • 2003 - 2004
  • ”L’Air d’Aller”, Espace Musique CBC Radio • 2004
  • One hour Interview with Frédérique Violleau on the « Jazz du vendredi » show, CISM Radio • 2004
  • One hour Interview with Jacques Gravel on the "jazz"show, Centre-Ville Station • 2003-2004
  • CIBL and CKUT Radio, 2003-2004