Press Release: Adrian Vedady - In Three Acts - ER 0808

CD CoverPress Release

Present their new CD

In Three Acts

By Jazz double bass player, composer, improviser,

Adrian Vedady

ELEPHANT RECORDS Inc and OUTSIDE MUSIC proudly present talented Canadian jazz double bass player, composer et improviser, Adrian Vedady. This latest CD In Three Acts is a combination of eight original compositions with two collaborations interpreted by three different groups of musicians including Yannick Rieu, Phil Melanson, Erik Hove, Kate Wyatt, John Fraboni, Richard White and Robbie Kuster; groups that Adrian has been playing and evolving with for several years.

Adrian Vedady conveys In Three Acts a unique and  personal contemporary style of jazz, original yet accessible for all to discover one track at a time. Adrian Vedady’s professional jazz career began over ten years ago in local clubs around his native city, Montreal. In those days he was playing with musicians such as Charles Ellison, Dave Turner and Jerri Brown only to name a few. In 1999, he started touring with the Jean Beaudet Trio throughout Canada and Europe, performing in New Orleans as well as New-york. In 2002, he co-founded  the jazz group Gods Of Taste with Richard White, Kate Whyatt, Andrew Shinasi and Greg Ritchie. During that year the group embarked on two different successful  Canadian tours. In 2003, he played on a tour across China with saxophone player Yannick Rieu. He returns to China in 2007 this time with François Bourassa. He played with several trios performing throughout Canada, Europe, China and India.

Adrian Vedady has accompanied Frank Lozano, Malcom Sailor, Adam Miller and Daniel Thouin. He’s played for studio recording and  performed  with musicians such as Steve Amirault, Marianne Trudel, Thom Gossage, André Leroux, Chet Doxas, Jim Doxas, Joel Miller, Christine Jensen, Greg Amirault, Sara Latendresse, Jon Geary, Rémi Bolduc, Thuryn Von Pranke, Carl Naud, Jeff Johnston, Paul Schroefel, Wray Downes, Annabelle Chvostek, Kevin Dean, Tony Albino, Pierre Tanguay, Boogie Gaudet and André White.

In three Acts is this artists first CD as group leader. The result is by far a colourfull, innovative landscape filled with crafted ingenuity. Where comteporary jazz meets a glimpse of progressive.

Personal liner notes from Adrian Vedady:
The most innocuous moments can change your life .It is satisfying to know that the essence of my first musical discovery is still at the core of my present musical expérience. The desirer to create, improvise, to listen, to look outside ones self, to find the magic has stayed the same.

Adrian Vedady, Yannick Rieu, Phil Melanson, Erik Hove, Kate Wyatt, John Fraboni, Richard White and Robbie Kuste invite you to their CONCERT and CD LAUNCH
Thursday, April 30 2009, at 20:30 pm at Jazz Club - restaurant DIÈSE ONZE located at 4115-A, St-Denis street, Montreal (514-223-3543)

Adrian Vedaldy and his group will also be performing in concert, outdoor stage CBC/Radio-Canada the 5th of July as well as the 12th of July 2009 at the UPSTAIRS jazz club during the International Jazz Festival of Montreal.

Source : Marie-Andrée Desjardins ou Danielle Beaudet (450) 670-4760