Press Release : Horizon - Martine Carrière - ER 0202


present HORIZON, the latest CD of

ELEPHANT RECORDS and LOCAL DISTRIBUTION are proud to offer you the latest CD of brilliant composer, vocalist and jazz music arranger MARTINE CARRIÈRE with renowned pianist and jazz composer JEAN BEAUDET in a TRIO along with their guests Dave Turner and Ron Séguin!

With a lot of humility, this talented Montreal jazz musician, Martine Carrière, presents her first Opus HORIZON along with Jean Beaudet on piano, as composer, musical arranger and co-producer, jointly with Michel Lambert on drums, Adrian Vedady on bass with their two guests: Dave Turner on alto sax and Ron Séguin on bass. This recording is a co-production by Martine Carrière, Jean Beaudet and the Elephant team. This album is mainly made up of four original compositions by Martine Carrière, a composition by pianist Jean Beaudet, as well as four jazz standards revisited. In the program of this new opus, you will find compositions from the musical directory of Cole Porter’s All Of You, For Jan by Kenny Wheeler, Never Will I Marry by Frank Loeser as well as the piece We’ll Be Together Again by Fischer/Laine.

This record is a tribute to music, the present moment and improvisation.

Passionate, intense and full of charisma, Martine Carrière has always dedicated her voice to music. With a very unique and unusual voice, she incorporates into her music a refined and incomparable style; her musical approach is not based on aesthetics, but rather on emotion and transparency.

First and foremost a pianist, she underwent a long musical training and then completed jazz studies at Concordia University. During the mid-eighties, Martine Carrière organized several groups to perform her compositions as well as arrangements of the already existing jazz repertoire in concert halls and clubs and restaurants.

This creative adventure takes us to famous jazz pianist Jean Beaudet, who is one of our greatest virtuosos. His lyrical flights, his rhythmic precision and his research into new harmonics all meet in this musical gathering. Plus Michel Lambert and Adrian Vedady, the rhythm section of the Jean Beaudet Trio: musical quality, in touch with creative power, harmonics and rhythm that provides cohesion and a group sound all their own. Nothing less than greatness.

As for Dave Turner, a veteran of the Montreal jazz scene, this renowned alto saxophonist offers us all the wealth of his creativity. Expressing here the fluidity and inventiveness he is known for, the sound and power of this alto player reveal varied facets of his talent in the three pieces of this opus.

The warmth and musical genius of bass player Ron Séguin, from Gatineau originally, contribute to the Cole Porter classic All Of You and the composition Janvier by Martine Carrière a personal touch and renewed swing.

These very talented musicians meeting here because they agreed to invest intensely in Martine’s project, as well as the chemistry of the group, make all the difference. The uniqueness of the compositions and arrangements of Martine Carrière as well as the musical work and arrangements of pianist Jean Beaudet, whether in more classical forms or avant-garde structures (for example, Horizon, Pimaapissiun), and the generosity of the musicians make it possible for this music that is so rich in texture and emotions to come to life..

Welcome to this musical odyssey!