Artists: Nasturica & Jolicoeur

Nasturica & Jolicoeur Live

Marin Nasturica

Born in Roumania and now residing in Montreal, world acclaimed Marin Nasturica learn to play the accordion by the age of 4. At the age of 19, he had already started a fantastic touring career around the world, enjoying success in countries such as Germany, Austria, Belgium, Italy, Turkey, Greece, USA, Egypt, Israel, Russia, ex-Yugoslavia, Hungary, Japan and Hong Kong. During these tours Marin Nasturica had the opportunity to perform for very well-known international personalities counting amongst those were the first astronauts who set foot on the moon.

Marin Nasturica has also performed with major symphonic orchestras such as: Metropolitan Symphonic Orchestra, Montreal in 1986 (conducted by Marc Bélanger) and invited by Oliver Jones in 1987 (orchestra conducted by Agnès Grossman), Symphonic Orchestra of Laval in 1990 (conducted by Paul-André Bolvin), Symphonic Orchestra of Trois-Rivières in 2001 (conducted by Gilles Bellemare), "Simfonia" of Lanaudière in 2001, (conducted by Stéphane Laforest). He was invited to play on the sound track for the film "Varian's War" and for the film of the opera "Brundibar" with the Montreal Symphonic Orchestra (under the direction of Charles Dutoit). He also played with the Quebec Symphonic orchestra in 2003 (conducted by David Bowser).

He has played with some of Canada's best musicians as well as participated in many high profile events such as the Lanaudière Festival in 2005, the Montreal International Jazz Festival in 1996,1997 and 2004, at the OFF Jazz Festival De Montreal in 2003, the Alma's World Festival Accordion in 1995, Toronto's Big Squeeze in 1993, at the Grande Fête de l'Accordéon in 1992 and the World Accordion Carrefour in 1989.

With the Nasturica ,Fortin, Léveillé, Donato quartet they played in 2004 at the Montreal International Jazz Festival, they gave a concert at the Granada Theatre in Sherbrooke in 2005, they played at the Lanaudière Festival in 2006 and at the de Quebec Jazz Festival. During this time the quartet recorded two CD's "Guit'Boys" and "Escale". In 2007 and 2008 he tours Canada with renown Michel Donato and Jon Gearey on guitar.

In 2009 with Michel Donato, he participates at the Montreal International Jazz Festival, they played at the Launderer Festival and at the de Quebec Jazz Festival. During the same year he plays in a duet with his colleague Laurent Djintcharadze at the Cultural Centre in Point-Claire. To finish this productive year he records the CD "Complicité" with jazz trumpet player Ivanhoe Jolicoeur.

Needless to say, Marin Nasturica is viewed by critics as one of the world's best virtuoso of the accordion-piano. His repertoire is as prodigious as his concert performer's career, his spectrum of styles ranging from classical (Bach, Paganini, Rimski-Korsakov, Khatchatourian, Sarasate, Dinicu-Heifetz etc) to modern, jazz to gypsy, popular to Russian folk music from his native land.

Jean Cyr

Jean Cyr was born in Montreal in 1957. He studied the chromatic accordion from 1966 to 1970 before taking up the guitar in his teenage years. In 1974 at the young age if sixteen he started studying the double bass at Vincent D’Indy, the renowned music school in Montreal, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in 1979.

During the 80’s Jean Cyr first made his way on the musical scene by playing regularly with late Montreal pianist Roland Lavallée.

He also met the famous jazz drummer Guy Nadon with whom he played regularly throughout the decade in the group «la Pollution des Sons» recording the eponymous album in 1986.

Among his numerous collaborations let’s recall: pianist Tim Jackson, Vic Vogel and his big band and «Sweet Dixie»… With this latter group he recorded two albums and performed in more than twenty different editions of the «Festival International de Jazz de Montréal».

In the 90’s Jean Cyr got involved in other musical genres with singer-songwriter Stephen Faulkner. With that group, he toured extensively in Québec and in France, most notably at the «Olympia de Paris» in 1993 for the «Jeux de la Francophonie». He also worked in the studio, recording two albums with Mr. Faulkner as well as with the popular country musician Patrick Norman.

In December 1998 Jean Cyr teamed up with blues singer and guitar player Bob Walsh; that association is still thriving, having recorded seven CD’s, played innumerable concerts together counting two in the United States and toured in France over eight times. He also worked with the guitar prodigy Michel Morissette, collaborating on two CD’s and many tours.

In 1999 and 2000 he toured with actress and singer Dorothée Berryman. He is also featured on the albums of mouth harp marvel Guy Bélanger and collaborated to the soundtrack of the film «Gaz Bar Blues».

In 2009 he recorded the album «Complicité» with the accordion virtuoso Marin Nasturica and trumpet player Ivanhoe Jolicoeur. He is to this day an active member of the group.

Ivanhoe Jolicoeur

Trumpet player, arranger and composer, he is a musician with a singular approach starting with a solid musical training. His training begins at the Montreal Conservatory of Music, he receives his diploma of collegial studies in music at Cegep St-Lawrence in 1978 and finishes his baccalaureate (specializing in jazz) at Concordia University in 1987.

Ivanhoe Jolicoeur is the leader and composer of BATHYSCAPHE, a jazz combo since 2001. He his a member of bass player Norman Guilbeault’s band for over twenty years. He served a couple of years as trumpet player and arranger for the group « les Cowboys Fringuants ». Furthermore he is one of the founders, member of the important Off-Festival de Jazz de Montréal and has performed over the years numerous times during the course of this festival.

Trumpet player, improviser he is very active on the jazz scene, we find him playing with several formations of wich those of Vic Vogel Band, Jean Derome, François Richard, Guy Nadon, Karen Young, among others. Eclectic musician, he took part as an instrumentalist (trumpet, fluguelhorn) on more than 55 albums, of which more than half are of a jazzistic style.

In 2007, Ivanhoe presents his first CD of his group Bathyscaphe. He takes part in the recording of the album of Cowboys Fringants Live at Le Grand Theatre in Quebec city.

In 2009, he takes part in the recordings Live, Mingus, at Upstairs Bar and Grill with the formation Norman Guilbeault, also on the album of Nicholas Chourot, First Landing and with Mâanouche swing. During the same year he recorded the album with virtuoso Marine Nasturica, Complicité.

In 2010, the group Bathyscaphe played with Space 64 at Le Divan Orange and will perform this coming April at Stewart Hall in Point-Claire.

Yvon Plouffe

Musician and percussionist Yvon Plouffe started his musical studies at CÉGEP St-Laurent then at Concordia University. He pursued his training at the Dick Groove School, in Los-Angeles, California where he studied jazz harmony and latin percussion. He then traveled to Cuba, Western Africa and New-York to complete specialised studies in percussion.

A musician with a wide range, he was invited to participate in various projects along with: Francine Martel, Luc Hamel, Sylvain Provost, Eval Manigat, Karen Young, Guy Nadon, Yvan Belleau and Jordan Officer only to name a few.

He was involved in different musical genres such as in concerts with; Terez Montcalm, France D'Amour, Florent Volant, Luc De Larochelière, Thomas Hellman, Beau Dommage.

Yvon Plouffe has participated in more than forty recording projects along side; Alex Bellegarde, Jordan Officer, Corteo, Dralion from Cirque du Soleil, Terez Montcalm, Yvan Belleau, Karen Young, Luc Hamel and many others for film and television. In 2009 he was part of the recording of the CD “Complicité”. He is still an active member of the group of virtuoso Marin Nasturica and trumpet player Ivanhoe Jolicoeur.

Serge Lavoie

Guitarist and composer Serge Lavoie has extensive musical training. He completed his bachelor’s degree at L’Université de Montréal in 1994. He attended in 2001 the School For Improvisational Music in New-York studying with Brad Shepsik, Ravi Coltrane, David Gilmore, Uri Caine and DJ Olive. In 2000 he studied with Keeny Werner, Joe Lovano, Hugh Fraser, Joey Baron and Ben Monder in Alberta at the Banff Center for the Arts.

Serge Lavoie is well known as a co-leader and composer for the high profile combo Mile-End Quartet which has been in the limelight for a decade. Musician, free thinker, proactive on the local jazz scene since 1988, he was a member of Steve Normandin’s trio. He was also one of the creative musicians involved in the “Musique Libre et Poésie” evenings at the Off Festival de Jazz de Montréal.

In 2006 he directed and composed the music for the film “Les Cavaliers De La Canette” and a show for youth “Pierre Et Le Pou”, he was also involved as a multi-instrumentalist with singer Marie-Michèle Desrosiers and for the duet of France Castel and Monique Richard.

In 2009 as musician and composer he was part of the recording of the CD “Complicité” and is still playing in the group of virtuoso Marin Nasturica and trumpet player Ivanhoe Jolicoeur.

Laurent Djintcharadze

Laurent Djintcharadze was born in 1950 in Georgia, USSR. Starting at the age of 6, he took violin lessons for three years. His exceptional musical talent was undeniable. He was then enrolled at the conservatory to study piano. There he earned a Music Composition diploma. Recognized as a professional pianist, he then specialized as composer-arranger for symphony orchestras and as soloist in Georgia.

In 1990, with the downfall of the Communist regime in the USSR, he immigrated to Canada where he soon became known as a piano soloist and accompanist. He founded a piano school for young people in Montreal "l'Ecole Prestissimo" innovating with a new technique which proved to be very successful.

In 2009 with Michel Donato and Marin Nasturica, he participates at the Montreal International Jazz Festival. During the same year, he plays in a duet with his colleague Marin Nasturica at the Cultural Centre in Point-Claire. To finish this productive year he records the CD "Complicité" with the virtuoso Marin Nasturica and the jazz trumpet player Ivanhoe Jolicoeur.